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Justin Wisely, MA/RPA Joins Pacific Legacy!

We are pleased to announce that Justin Wisely has joined the Pacific Legacy team. Mr. Wisely has extensive experience conducting and leading archaeological surveys, overseeing excavations, authoring reports and publications, and managing a cultural resources monitoring program throughout California. He received his MA in Anthropology from California State University, Chico in 2016.

Mr. Wisely began his career as an archaeologist in 2009 as an archaeological field technician with the Archaeological Research Center at CSU Sacramento before working various projects with several cultural resources management firms including Pacific Legacy. He worked as a full-time staff archaeologist while in graduate school for his Master of Arts (MA) at CSU Chico. While working as a principal investigator for projects in California and Nevada at Cardno, he gained experience managing large, complicated projects, and managing staff.

He is experienced with survey, excavation, construction monitoring, hiring field personnel, managing budgets, business development, and Native American coordination. He brings a specialty in micro-botanical research and analysis, a non-destructive technique developed as part of his thesis research where he developed a field method for extracting starch grain residues from bedrock mortars and analyzing them in the lab. Identifications were made based on an ethnographically-informed comparative collection that he built and continues to expand. This method has been accepted and requested by Native American groups due to its non-destructive nature, as well as the ability to expand research into the function of bedrock mortars.

Pacific Legacy is delighted to have Mr. Wisely bring his broad range of experience to our company. He is based in our El Dorado Hills office.


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