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Anmarie Medin, MA/RPA Joins Pacific Legacy!

We are pleased to announce that Anmarie Medin has joined the Pacific Legacy team!

Pacific Legacy is excited to announce that Anmarie Medin is joining the team as Principal Investigator for Historical Archaeology and Regulatory Compliance. Ms. Medin’s regulatory compliance expertise spans over 25 years. Ms. Medin brings extensive expertise in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and PRC 5024. She recently retired from the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) where she served as Chief of the Project Review Unit. Ms. Medin’s experience at OHP included review of submittals for compliance with Section 106 and she served as OHP’s Tribal Liaison working with the Native American Heritage Commission and Native American communities across the state. Ms. Medin’s experience includes 15 years with Caltrans, where she rose to the rank of Cultural Studies Office Chief. During that time, she was responsible for renewing the award-winning statewide Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) Section 106 Programmatic Agreement and writing the PRC 5024 MOU. Prior to working with the state, Ms. Medin began her career as a consulting historical archaeologist where she worked in the field and the lab. Over the course of her career, Ms. Medin has authored archaeological survey reports, evaluation reports, Section 106 compliance documents, and National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and CEQA documents. She has peer reviewed staff- and consultant-prepared NEPA/CEQA compliance documents and authored program-level policy guidance for environmental compliance, including thematic studies to streamline repetitive work. As an archaeologist with extensive experience from both the state and private sectors, she understands the importance of accurate project management and on-time delivery.


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