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Our Senior Project Directors are key personnel that oversee and manage projects large and small.  They wear many hats, including the supervision of staff and management of both individual offices and assisting in corporate management.  All of the Senior Project Directors meet the Secretary of Interior's Professional Qualifications Standards as Principal Investigators. They have decades of experience in cultural resource management and are widely known throughout the discipline for their knowledge and capabilities.

Lori Hager, PhD
Senior Osteologist

Dr. Hager received her PhD in anthropology (1989) from the University of California at Berkeley with a specialization in bioarchaeology. She has been a professional archaeologist since 1974 with a specialization in human osteology beginning in 1978.  She has worked in California and abroad in Guatemala, Turkey, East and South Africa and throughout Europe.  Since 1988, Dr. Hager has been the principal on-site osteologist for numerous archaeological projects.  Her primary duties have been to direct the excavation and analysis of any human remains recovered within archaeological contexts. Her academic positions have included visiting professorships at the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, University of Oregon, and San Jose State University. Since 1994 she has been the senior osteologist for Pacific Legacy and responsible for the identification and analysis of human remains and report writing.

Lisa Holm, PhD
Senior Archaeologist/GIS Analyst

Lisa Holm has been a project supervisor for Pacific Legacy since 2006.  She received her PhD. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley in May 2006.  She received her MSc. in computer applications in archaeology from the University of Southampton UK in 1996. Lisa has over three years experience in Cultural Resources Management and seventeen years experience in archaeology in Hawaii and California. She has worked on projects in Hawaii; Northern, Central, and Southern California; Colorado; Arizona; French Polynesia (Mo’orea); and in Scotland, Wales, and England in the UK.  These projects included small and large surveys, record and information searches, research and writing, excavation at the testing and data recovery level, and prehistoric and historical site recording. She has served in a supervisory capacity for over three years.  In her role as a supervisor she has directed various projects and trained new archaeologists in field methods, lab methods, research, report writing, and GIS. Her Ph.D. dissertation research was conducted within the Kahikinui District on Maui Island, Hawaii and comprised a multi-scalar study of a late-prehistoric Native Hawaiian landscape.

Lisa Shapiro, MA/RPA
Senior Project Supervisor/Principal Investigator

Lisa Shapiro is a Senior Archaeologist specializing in Prehistoric Archaeology. She received her MA in Anthropology from California State University, Chico  in 1986. She has worked with private consulting firms conducting or directing projects for federal, state, and local agencies, including the California Department of Transportation, Department of Parks and Recreation, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  She has extensive knowledge and practical experience in archaeological field and lab procedures, is trained in human osteological analysis, and has participated in, or been in charge of, cultural resource investigations throughout California, Nevada, southern Oregon, Florida, the Hawaiian Islands, and American Samoa.

Will Shapiro, MA/RPA 
Senior Archaeologist, Field Director

Mr. Shapiro received his MA in 1990 from the University of California at Chico. He has been a professional archaeologist since 1981 and has experience in archeological research.  During this period, he has worked in CRM since 1983 with private consulting firms on numerous projects including those for the California Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the US. Forest Service throughout California and the Hawaiian Islands.  He has also worked on other federal, state, and local agency projects and is familiar with historic preservation laws and regulations at the federal and state level, including Section 106.  Mr. Shapiro has extensive experience in California, Nevada, southern Oregon, central Florida, the Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa, Wake Island, and Saipan in the Northern Marianas.

Dorothea Theodoratus, PhD
Principal Investigator (Retired)

Dr. Dorothea Theodoratus (Retired) is a Principal Investigator with Pacific Legacy, and she heads our ethnographic and ethnohistoric research program.  Dotty is Professor of Anthropology (Emeritus), Native American Studies, at California State University, Sacramento. She is widely recognized as a leading expert on Native American ethnography from Northern California to Alaska.

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