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High quality work begins with high quality people.  Pacific Legacy’s Supervisors have decades of individual experience in the history, archaeology, and ethnography of western North America and the Pacific Rim.  All of our Supervisors meet the highest professional standards, including the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards and the qualification standards of the Register of Professional Archaeologists.  We employ no less than ten PhD. or Masters degreed Supervisors in Anthropology or History. 

Each Supervisor brings to the company specific regional experience that collectively covers all of California, western Nevada, the Pacific Northwest, and much of the Pacific Basin.  In addition, many of our Supervisors have developed individual special expertise, such as analysis of faunal remains, flaked stone, obsidian studies, starch grain analysis, and human osteology.  These skills allow us to perform many of the analytical studies that are commonly conducted for archaeological reports without sending them to outside specialists.

Pacific Legacy supports ongoing professional development to ensure that our Supervisors remain current in historic preservation law, as well as archaeological method and theory.  Our Supervisors regularly contribute papers at professional meetings and donate their time to public outreach programs.

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