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Hello Kailua!

Principals Hannah Ballard and Samantha Schell visited the Pacific Legacy office in Kailua, Hawaii. It was a great opportunity for us to have one-on-one with our talented staff, see the Kailua office in operation, and make plans for the future. Sam even got a mini class in GIS from Mara Mulrooney!

This was a great opportunity to work out of the office of our Kailua team. Paul Cleghorn and Mara took Sam and Hannah to visit a project that is an excellent demonstration of archaeology in the community. Led by Kim Kalama, we toured two archaeological sites located within new developments. The sites were disturbed during the historic period and they are now protected within preserves. Kim is doing amazing work developing a native plant living library, replacing the invasive species and overbrush with Hawaiian native plants. She shared her knowledge about the properties of the plants --both biological and cultural -- and she teaches this information to children who visit the preserve. It is a wonderful opportunity for area school children to learn about Hawaiian prehistory and participate in a preservation effort. They get to play on a konane board, make tops from kukui nuts, and create beautiful textile renderings of the flowers and leaves of the native plants by hammering on cloth atop the vegetation leaving a near perfect imprint on the cloth. Beautiful and educational!

Kailua Office minus Caleb--we missed you!
The walk in to the office.
Kauhale Preserve
Wetlands adjacent to the Kauhale preserve

Unsurpassed beauty

Mara, Sam, and Hannah soaking their feet.

Jen and Hannah reunited after working together 23 years ago!

Ubiquitous rooster...

The beauty and fragrance of Hawaii is at every turn.

Stunning hibiscous

Kailua is famous for gorgeous sunrises.

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