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Society for California Archaeology 53rd Annual Meetings - March 7–10 Sacramento, California

Please stop by and see Pacific Legacy's presentations at the 2019 SCA Annual Meeting. You can find us at:

Symposium 8: Approaches to the Archaeology of Death in Historic Era California, Part II: Beyond the Bay--Sacramento Room: 1:00-4:30

3:45 Six feet of earth makes us all equal: Sacramento County Hospital Burial Ground Robert J. Jackson

4:00 The 19th Century Insane Asylum of California Cemetery Lisa A. Shapiro

Symposium 14: The Wide World of Northern California

Garden Terrace: 8:00-10:00

8:00 Not Your Average CRM Study: Historic Period Resource Modeling for a Conceptual Area Protection Plan and Vision Plan - Hannah S. Ballard and Elena L. Reese

8:15 At Home on a Hill; The Doyle Homestead of Smartsville -Jacqueline Farrington

8:30 Domestic Soldiers: Women at Home on the Home Front During WWII - Shauna M. Mundt

8:45 Summit Camp: 50 Years of Archaeological Research

- R. Scott Baxter

9:00 Pondering Divisiveness in Little Lake Valley Thad M. Van Bueren

9:15 Subsurface Modeling and Testing for the Willits Bypass Project Graham K. Dalldorf

9:30 Results of Extended Phase I and Phase II Archaeological Investigations at the Big Springs Creek Site, Siskiyou County, California - Mark J. Arsenault

9:45 Beneath the Vines, Prehistoric Investigations at Oakknoll (paper discusses or contains images of human remains) - Christopher R. Peske

Symposium 16: Retrospectives and Recent Perspectives on Marin County Archaeology

10:45 A Little Slice of Mexico in Marin County Robert J. Jackson


Thursday, March 7 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Capitol Salon B

Instructors: Samantha Schell and Lori Hager

A hands-on workshop designed to help archaeologists and monitors learn basic osteological identification methods. The workshop will use comparative materials to focus on defining features, skeletal anatomies, and macrostructure of bone fragments in order to differentiate between human and non-human bone. The emphasis will be on identification of bone while in the field.

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