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Native American/Hawaiian Consultation & Ethnographic Research

YokutsPacific Legacy has extensive experience in consulting with Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other indigenous groups to assist our clients to meet their consultation obligations under Section 106, NEPA, CEQA, NAGPRA, ARPA, and Chapter 6E of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. Over the years we have developed numerous trusting relationships with indigenous communities that foster mutual respect and concern for traditional cultural values. We have worked with over 100 Native American tribes, both federally recognized and unrecognized, as well as numerous traditional leaders.

Pacific Legacy also conducts ethnographic research to identify Native American or Native Hawaiian concerns and perspectives. Dr. Dorothea Theodoratus heads the ethnographic and ethnohistoric research program for Pacific Legacy. Dr. Theodoratus is Professor of Anthropology (Emeritus), Native American Studies, and Canadian at California State University, Sacramento. She is widely recognized as the foremost expert on the ethnography of Northern California to Alaska. Pacific Legacy houses Dr. Theodoratus’ extensive ethnographic library resulting from over forty years of research.