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Hydroelectric, geothermal, oil and natural gas, cogeneration, and electrical transmission projects figure prominently in Pacific Legacy’s project experience. We have assisted our clients with the licensing and certification of many energy projects consistent with the tough regulatory requirements defined by county, state and federal agencies such as the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Our clients include Western Area Power Administration, Bechtel Petroleum Operations, Calpine, Duke Energy, Elk Hills Power, Entrix, ICF Consulting, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Quad Knopf, Southern California Edison Company, Sunrise Power, URS, and the U.S. Department of Energy.


Hydroelectric projects are typically licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), but many other federal, state and local agencies and public stakeholders may be involved as well. Pacific Legacy has a thorough understanding of the complex regulatory environment of these projects and extensive experience in conducting cultural resources studies, preparing historical preservation plans, and writing agreement documents that integrate the requirements of NEPA, Section 106, CEQA and other state and federal environmental mandates. We have supported hydroelectric licensing efforts under both Traditional and Alternative Licensing Processes as defined by the Federal Power Act for clients such as Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Southern California Edison Company. SCE Big Creek Hydroelectric System Relicensing is one of Pacific Legacy’s hydroelectric projects.

Oil and Natural GasOil and Natural Gas

Pacific Legacy has a long history of involvement with oil and natural gas exploration and development projects over an extensive geographic area. We have conducted cultural resources studies for 2-D and 3-D seismic prospecting over hundreds of square miles in New Mexico; development of wells and support infrastructure in California oil and gas fields, construction of cogeneration plants in existing oil fields and urban areas; and the infrastructure of a natural gas pipeline in California and Nevada. Our clients include Duke Energy, Elk Hills Power, Emerald Trail, PGT/PG&E, Sunrise Power, and Western Geco. Among the oil and natural gas projects undertaken by Pacific Legacy were the Elk Hills Power Project and the Monument 3-D Seismic Exploration.

Electrical Transmission Lines

Much of California’s electrical transmission line infrastructure is now aging and requires either replacement or enhancement. These systems may themselves be historical resources with significant engineering or architectural elements, such as Southern California Edison’s Big Creek 3 and 4 transmission line system extending from central California to Los Angeles. Transmission line components may also be located on archaeological sites, as in the case of PG&E’s Pacific House–Echo Summit 20 kV distribution line or Western Area Power Administration’s Central Valley Project/Pacific AC Intertie transmission system. Pacific Legacy has extensive experience with the management of cultural resources associated with electrical and transmission line projects, from survey to Native American consultation to the preparation of agreement documents under NEPA, Section 106 and CEQA. Some of Pacific Legacy’s Electrical Transmission Line projects include the Hawaiian Electric Company East O’ahu Transmission Project and the Pacific House/Echo Summit 21 kV Distribution Line Project.


Geothermal development often provides unique management challenges because the sighting of wells and other infrastructure can be constrained by geological conditions. Where geothermal energy potential is signaled by hot springs or warm water streams there can be Native American religious concerns as well as archaeological sites. Pacific Legacy has addressed these complex management issues for projects developed by Calpine in northern California, one of which was the LACOSAN Sanitation Project.