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John J. Holson, M.A.

Principal – San Francisco Bay Area Office

John HolsonVice President

John J. Holson specializes in California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance for historical preservation. With more than 30 years of cultural resources management experience in California, Oregon, Nevada, Hawai’i, and Europe, he is widely recognized for his innovative approaches in working with project stakeholders to achieve historical preservation goals and objectives within the regulatory process. John’s professional expertise includes: linear facilities project management (pipelines; highways; electrical transmission lines); management of multiple task indefinite delivery/quantity (on-call) type contracts; preparation of archaeological research designs and Historic Properties Treatment Plans; design and execution of archaeological reconnaissance, survey, test excavation, construction monitoring and data recovery projects; and California and Hawaii archaeology, ethnography and cultural resources management. He has extensive experience with public parks planning and resource studies. He is currently Principal Investigator for three projects in Yosemite Valley for NPS and two projects, Coe Park and Angel Island, in the California State Parks System.